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Foreign Supervised Provider Training

As part of accreditation and ongoing monitoring for regulatory compliance, U.S. intercountry adoption service providers are expected to demonstrate their adherence to training and supervisory requirements of providers with whom they contract for adoption services overseas. This training course helps ASPs meet relevant compliance standards.

Topics Include:
• The Hague Convention
• Accreditation
• Determination and role of FSP
• Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
• Contracts & Agreements
• Application of governing laws in real world scenarios

This course is available for a period of 90 days upon registration and payment.

Q: Is this course mobile friendly?
A: Yes! This website is built mobile friendly making learning convenient for users anywhere.

Q: I am an ASP. What’s the best way to enroll my FSP in this course?
A: You have a couple of options, but it's important to note that the name on the course certificate is tied to the name on the account.

The FSP can register themselves for an account in our learning portal, enroll in and pay for the FSP course, and then send you the certificate of completion when they have finished the course. - OR - 
You can register the FSP for an account (using their name, their email and a pw) in our learning portal, enroll them in the course and pay for it, and then provide them with the login information so they can complete the course. If you both have the login information you will both have access to this account and be able to download a copy of the certificate of completion for this course. If you are registering multiple FSPs, make sure to log out each time before trying to register the next one. 

Q: I paid for the course but didn't get a receipt. What should I do?
A: First check your email junk folder. If you still don't have it, we can resend a copy to you. Contact Amy Wolfe.

Q: Will I receive a certificate for taking this course?
A: Yes! Upon completion of this course you will receive a certificate via email to the address used when registering for this course.
  • Introduction
  • The Hague Convention & Accreditation
  • Who is a FSP?
  • The Role of the FSP
  • Contracts & Agreements
  • Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
  • FSP FAQs
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever