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Maintaining and Strengthening Birth Family Relationships Post-Placement (for Parents)

With increasing openness in adoption, how can adoption professionals offer truly helpful and relevant guidance to families navigating these complex relationships and family dynamics?

While there is no perfect recipe for addressing the infinite number of tricky situations that may arise between adoptive and birth families, adoption professionals can still offer guidance in how to approach these situations. With three key shifts we can support clients in becoming the parents their children need them to be. This presentation will help adoption professionals support adoptive families through setting healthy boundaries that are oriented on the child’s needs rather than boundaries that are based on fear and insecurity. These strategies can help families move toward greater connection, curiosity, and confidence. Considerations will be discussed for adoption from foster care, private domestic infant adoption, and international adoption.

Lori Holden, MA – Author and Adoption Educator
Janelle Ison, MBA – Adoption Education Manager, National Council For Adoption

Course length: 80 minutes

Cost to register: $15
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Recorded on 10/24/23.

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  • Maintaining and Strengthening Birth Family Relationships - Recording
  • Maintaining and Strengthening Birth Family Relationships - Evaluation
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