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Trauma-Informed Parenting for Adoptive Parents (Part 2) (for Parents)

Join us for a continued look at trauma-informed parenting, through the lens of complex trauma. This workshop-style course will look at the characteristics of Complex PTSD, behaviors and conditions that can develop after exposure to traumatic stress, and the ways this may present itself within an adoptive parent-child relationship. We’ll provide strategies for parenting through challenges related to maintaining trust, repairing self-worth, and regulating complex emotions. This presentation will explore ways to understand and meet the needs of children as they move toward adolescence, a phase where the brain’s developmental progression may present additional challenges for those who have experienced significant interpersonal trauma.

Susan K. Taylor, MS – Piedmont Coordinator, Consortium for Resource, Adoptive, and Foster Family Training (CRAFFT) at Radford University

Course length: 88 minutes

Cost to register: $20
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Recorded on 4/2/24.

PLEASE NOTE - This course does NOT provide social work CE credits. If you are an adoption professional seeking Social Work CE credit for this course, please register for this webinar here instead:
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  • Trauma-Informed Parenting (Part 2) - Survey
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